Welcome to Affordable Memorials

Hi there, and Welcome!

This is our brand new website, and we would like to take a moment to welcome you to it and tell you a bit about ourselves.

We feel that bereavement?is one of those times in life when?people are at their lowest ebb. The modern day pressures of?higher expenses, limited income, a young family to look after?-?and then to have to cope with the crippling expense of a?bereavement, and the overwhelming desire to show respect?and that you care. This causes high levels of stress and?unfortunately the opportunity for some so called “Services”?to extract every penny possible from you when you are most?vulnerable. At Affordable Memorials we produce High Quality Personalised Granite Memorials, eg. Open book; Markers; Hearts; Vases: Slabs. We also produce Guardian Angels, Kneeling Angels and a variety of artificial flowers.?Our prices are?clear, we very rarely charge for extras, we cater for the “special”?little things that make your purchase unique to you and?our?products are delivered to your door at very affordable rates. In?fact we care-?we care about you, your loss, and that you are not?being taken advantage of.